Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Review

A performer at the price point. Got all the features a mid range android phone can have. Improvements such as out of the box Froyo (v 2.2.1), Wi fi hotspot and great touch screen are some of the features that makes this phone different from competition esp. HTC Wildfire, a close competitor.

I checked out HTC Wildfire before buying this phone. What I found was a laggy interface and Android v 2.1. It was definitely not worthy right now, it was the best mid range smart phone last year.

After 1 week using this phone, I think it is money well spent. Bought it at Rs. 14,500 at Pune,India after searching through 5 stores. Vendors were very much stringent on the price, were giving 100 bucks discount after bargaining for half an hour :-P

As per the phone, its neat, looks great, UI is fluid (dont expect iPhone though), easy on hands, thanks to the grippy back cover.

On the downside, it would have scored 5/5 if it had a little bit more RAM (Samsung has added a task manager widget for the user to clear the memory) and should had supported a wider format of video files (most importantly DivX avi files, that can be tedious to convert most of the movies to mp4 format.)
Overall it is a very impressive phone. You can buy this phone for lot of reasons.

Firstly, this can be your first smartphone, thanks to the goodness that android brings with it. You don't even need to refer the manual to use the phone.

Secondly, you can enjoy the style and design a la iPhone without breaking your bank. You are definitely going to grab some attention.

And last but not the least, you can definitely enjoy Angry Birds without any problem.


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