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Gran Turismo 5: Spec 2.0 review

It's a great thing that I bought a brand new PS3 Slim. And the first disc that I popped in was definitely GT5.

What a game, rather, it's more than that. Once you have a look at it, it is quite hard to take your eyes off.

When GT5 was launched, it was an unpolished and unfinished game. As of now, Polyphony Digital has worked hard to plug those gaping hole that stopped GT5 from being the crown jewel of sim racing across any console. After 2.0 update, it's not 100% perfect, but still after about 1.5 GB patch update (v 2.05), one should expect some real fix across the game.

First thing that is noticeable, is the loading time. Its quite fast. I didn't spent much time on staring at the GT logo on a black screen. Rather the loading screen is just for loading the track. After that you get a menu to start the race, that's when the cars are loaded, one after another. But the loading speed here is acceptable. I don't blame it on the game though, I think it'…