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Panasonic TH-39B60D Review

Great Value for Money Full HD TV.Stellar picture quality. Good sound quality, not special.IPS panel, great view angles. No loss of color when viewed from extreme angles.Full LED backlit panel. Deep blacks, great contrast.Very good noise reduction, SD picture reproduction is really good. Good remote controller, fits in hand nicely.

Video format support by in-built player limited. Issues with playing MKV files. Can access only FAT32 formatted, HDD / Thumb drive.No 3.5mm audio output. RCA audio out only.Media player plays video in preset aspect ratio, and not in the original ratio of the content.Basically, avoid playing anything with the media player. I will recommend to have a separate media player such as a Blu-ray player / a game console.
A true value for money, non-smart LCD TV.
4 out of 5