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SharePoint - Basic concepts about SharePoint Farms

People often have different ways of describing what exactly a SharePoint farm is. There are different ways of describing the Application server and the Web-Front End (WFE) server. As a developer, it is very important to understand the basics concept of the term 'farm' because when a solution is developed, it will be eventually be deployed in the servers present in the 'farm'.

What is a farm? In the context of SharePoint, the term 'farm' is used to describe a collection of one or more SharePoint servers and one or more SQL servers that come together to provide a set of basic SharePoint services bound together by a single Configuration Database in SQL. Farms can range in size from having everything (all SharePoint roles and SQL server) on one machine to scaling out every individual SharePoint serve role onto dedicated sets of servers. A farm the highest administrative boundary for SharePoint and everything that happens inside SharePoint happens in a farm…