The all new Movie Central

Movie Central

A free desktop personal movie collection manager

Hi folks,

After a long time, I am glad to release the all new Movie Central desktop app for Windows.

  • All new fresh look, a new experience.
  • The most fun way to manage your personal movie collection.
  • Automatically scan your PC folders for movies, and add them to your collection.
  • Movies can be played from the app itself.

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  1. Hello
    you have created a great piece of software Congratulations
    but there an issue that you should consider which is the manual search add of the movies so I suggest if you can add an automatic way to search and add movies in the software data base by scanning the movies folder based on thier names or/and metadata

    still this is the best software that i've seen that manage movies after plex .

  2. Automatically scan your PC folders for movies, and add them to your movies online free

  3. are we good to go on win10 without the .net35 requirement yet? 10 does not like that version of .net and I've been chomping at the bit to try your software.

  4. Amazing Software design. Since you don't even need to install it, running perfectly fine on Windows 10. So small yet so damn powerful.

    Good job to the Developer of this.

  5. I just noticed that this doesn't work for TV Series. Which is understandable because it is named Media Central but is there any chance that you'd do one for TV Series or just add the option to include them in Movie Central? You could just change the name into line Media Central or something. Thanks anyway for this program. Hope TV Series are included in future updates

  6. Can I change the video player to something else, I prefer to watch videos using Videolan?

  7. If you are looking for a program to stream or download movies then take a look at my open source software that I've been working on for over a year now

    Thanks :)

  8. Hi Siddhartha Roy,

    Great bit of software, I love the way it looks. I'm having a small issue though. I have 2,500+ movies that I'm trying to add in (all movies are titled as shown on IMDB) I've used the scraper, great tool, however it shows most movies as green on completion, but never imports more than 173 titles. Am I doing something wrong? Also, I'm wondering if it's possible to show a view of the library in a grid ribbon? With 2500+ titles it will be difficult to navigate a single icon height ribbon. Keep up the great work!
    Much respect!

    1. i have the same config on my pc
      my movies r in alphabetical folders a b c etc and the scraper wont scape unless i put each movie in its own folder with name

  9. Amazing Software design. Since you don't even need to install it, running perfectly fine on Windows 10. So small yet so damn powerful.
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  15. Tried it on Windows 10 and it does nothing. Searching does nothing and scanning media folders fails to find videos. Thumbs down.

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