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CRUD operations on SharePoint list using AngularJS

In this post, I am going to share some code snippets for performing CRUD operation on a SharePoint list using only client side script written with AngularJS.
It is a simple implementation, where I am going to create a web part, which will have reference to a controller that will read, create, update and delete list items.
I hope you are reading this post with some prior experience with SharePoint and AngularJS. The environment I am working upon is a SharePoint Online (Office 365) site.
I have created a Contacts list as in the below screenshot.

For this example, I will be using only 3 fields/columns in the list. ID (Auto generated for every item in the list) Last Name (Internal name: Title) First Name (Internal name: FirstName)
Create the webpart
I have added one Content Editor Webpart to a page and linked it to our view page [listItems.html].

The view page has 4 sections to view contacts, add, edit and delete them. For each of these operations, I have created 4 separate controllers. Below is th…